Tom Taliesan

Travelling Bard and Storyteller of the United Wastes


Thomas Taliesan is a renowned travelling musician and singer, a teller of tales and a singer of songs. In the bleakness of the post-apocalypse, there is little hope or purpose. Tom fills that space with tales of glory past, valor present and hope forthcoming. Beyond that, Tom is thought of as a bit of a mystic. Mostly this is from his wit and wisdom – always quick with a line. But Tom seems to know you before he’s met you. He has an uncanny ability to size people up, and he always seems to know where to head to avoid trouble.

Tom trades in stories. If you present him with a good enough tale, he will tell you one in exchange. True to his bardic nature, it always seems to be just the story you needed hearing …

Tom Taliesan

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