Nicotine Tar Goo Smoke, anybody?





Smog is a newly developing “bad habit” that has replaced much of what is left for the old smokers, potheads, high-rollers, drunk drivers, and back alley meth addicts. Any form of something new to ease the pain of the great extinction event. Smog is a resinated tar that is scooped from a sloppy cup and dribbled into chambers positioned in a hookah looking device thats coated in slime. The tar drips into a tiny crafted cooker, a heated holding station at the bottom that literally evaporates the tar, giving off nasty fumes.


Users of Smog typically travel in groups that go hunting for tar to try. Since the addictive qualities vary so drastically from person to person there is no way of measuring differences in addiction. Some users look to be of a zombied state, and most appear weak in constitution. Due to traveling gypsies and other wanderers the Smog idea has been ramified as a new cultural tool. Not only do some towns seek it out, but its also used as barter in some parts. As a common day thing its seen measurably large leaps in usage across the continent.


Since its birth unto society the ravaged streets and stretches of wasteland have only become more dangerous as factions of humans working to find good sources of tar with higher ratios of chemicals fight amongst each other over territory. The disputes can range long and far, bringing in factions from territories hundreds of miles around. Some mobs get to be several thousand large, and will full on battle in open wastelands for rights to tar sources. More secretive factions wade out into the deepest wastelands for juicy picks amongst car lots and abandoned malls. The stories that do return are filled with sorrowful tales and fear of the horrors that stalk the dark to hide.


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