Welcome to the United Wastes

Six Cylinder Sunset (6CS) is a setting born of a strange concept: A Theme Park Map.

You know the ones – where the roller coasters are rendered as huge cartoonish affairs, towering over the tiny, boring paths full of little dots representing people. Where the names of attractions fly off the page in obtuse 3-D fonts and arrows point out all the points of interest. Think of Diner or Truck Stop maps of the USA: Texas IS an Oil derrick, New York IS the Empire state building, and the Mississippi River has a anachronistic steamboat moving down it.

I wanted to take that idea and translate it to one of my biggest passions: horror movies. What if there were a way to make a setting that captured every major horror cliche and wrapped up into one bundle? Mash this together with a road movie and you get The United Wastes of 6CS.

The basic premise? Somewhere around 2012 a group of monsters (mostly vampires) nukes the world, but they make sure that their strike happens along secret lines of power – laylines. In addition to the devastation that the conventional weapons cause, the laylines unleash enormous amounts of Akashic energy. That’s where the real damage is done.

Now Chicago is a viney wasteland full of intelligent plants that eat anything that enters the Viney City. The St. Louis Arch opened a portal to a dark nether-world beyond the fabric of our own, and so is dubbed “the Gateway to the Wastes.” Nuke York is full of Vampires, while motorcycle gangs of Werewolves roam the Southwestern United States. Dozens of the Fair Folk have taken over the pacific northwest, a place now called Evergrey, while in the bayous of Mississippi and Louisiana monstrous crocodiles and voodoo abominations stalk the land. Texas is full of Zombies. Las Brujas own the border. Ghosts are everywhere.

Meanwhile, humanity has band together in an effort to keep the post-apocalypse in check and maybe reclaim their world. They take food and water where they can, and keep make-shift weapons close. Witches and Priests look for signs and read fortunes, scavengers take whatever resources they can find and everyone keeps an eye out for trouble. Meanwhile, intrepid humans, bent on destroying evil or just nihilistic enough not to care about their own safety, soup up muscle cars and semi-trucks, mount blades on their bikes or just run-and-gun out into the Wastes. They criss-cross the once United States taking what they can, leaving what they can’t and killing whatever gets in the way.

Players of the game should check out the Learn The History! section where you can learn more about the setting. There are also links to playlists and recommended movies to help inspire you and demonstrate some influence on the setting.

Remember: When the Sun Goes Down, Burn Rubber.

Welcome to the United Wastes.

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