We never stood a chance …

They say that everything got started with a Big Bang. I guess the end was kind of like that, too. Legend has it that after the Second World War, a group of Old Nasties – Vampires, mostly, but Werewolves, Witches and Monsters from all sorts of stories-thought-fantasy – got together and decided to take down humanity once and for all. We had gotten too many, too powerful.

They placed certain buildings on secret laylines, and built our city streets along ancient patterns. Then they made sure their people, or their patsies got elected. While we got fat and rich, they sharpened their knives for the meal.

When they struck, it was too much chaos for the news to cover: nuclear war, earthquakes, riots, and … other things we had never seen before. In the end, nearly all of humanity was dead but the ones that were left knew the score.

See, they thought that the few left over would fight over supplies and squabble our resources, eating each other apart. They were wrong. We banded together, shared intel and food, stockpiled what weapons we could find and we started to fight back. Now, we’re few and no mistaking. But we’re still here. And we’re pissed.

So look, take this: it’s a guidebook. It’s got my notes in it, I don’t need it anymore, I’m not long for this world. But follow the information in here and maybe you’ll live to see the last of them bloodsuckers brought to the light and burned.