House Rules

This game is played using the World of Darkness [WoD] system. However, it departs from a lot of the fluff outlined there. This can be summed up pretty easily:

Any information on Clans, Covenants, Tribes or any other monster fluff is to be assumed false unless the GM approves of it (this extends to mundane / hunter fluff as well). The stats will be used as the “engine” of the machine, but the chassis is totally different. The only available information the heroes have is what is found here in the wiki. As the heroes dig deeper into the world of 6CS, they may come to learn more about how monsters in this world are organized.

If a player wishes to play a monster or mage, that is totally do-able. The GM will give the player the necessary information to play that character.

At this point, the world is largely not fleshed out (that’s why we’re playing in it!), so if you have a particular interest in some aspect of the world and would like to help flesh it out, just let me know.

House Rules

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