The Fall

Having planned and prepared, a coalition of Monsters, spear-headed by the immortal vampires, put the pieces into play. While werewolves, witches and a few black mages were used to help get things ready, the incredibly deep coffers of the vampires (and their centuries of experience and knowledge) were what catalyzed the whole plan. In preparation for the Fall to come, those-in-the-know built shelters and stockpiled goods. For many, this was simply a collection of food and personal items. For the vampires, this meant full-scale warehouses full of trucks, helicopters, guns, and even livestock.

The details are lost to history, known and understood by a very small group, but on the night of the Fall, the vampires triggered a war. Now, an all-out thermonuclear war would have made the world quite unlivable for the undead as well, so many counter-measures which had taken mankind decades to develop had to be deactivated. In this way, tactical nuclear strikes were made on a couple of large cities to thin out the population. In New York and much of the East Coast, chemical warfare was preferable. A suitable contagion could wipe out a population of millions and itself within a week or so. Using their Magic, they made sure that massive energy was released on certain spots, intersections of leylines. The thought was that with enough Akashic energy released, the Magical Fallout would wipe clear the world and leave it once more in the hands of the Monsters.

But, as has often been stated, evil always contains the seed of its own destruction. First, there was a massive double-cross whereby the vampires raided, sabotaged or outright destroyed the safe houses of their allies. The werewolves were most directly affected, and the most angry. In the years since, they have become the most virulent opponents of the vampires.

Second, the Akashic energy released during the Fall was so potent that it actually changed reality in ways the vampires had not predicted. Strange things began happening, including the unintentional opening of a Gate to the Beyond in St. Louis and a plane-shift from DC to Inferno. The energy waves also activated latent psychic and magical potential in several humans. While this often drove the individuals insane (or to their deaths), a few powerful mages and witches emerged who would otherwise have been killed. If vampires feel fear, they certainly feel it for these magically-imbued humans whose power will rival their own if they can learn to use it properly.

Thing is, the Akashic energy isn’t exactly stable. It’s an insidious psychic maelstrom that seems to be ripping into people’s minds as they sleep at night, sending them strange visions or messages. Some people say that they can actually feel the energy and can open their minds to it, though what consequence that might have is unknown. Finally, the energy has physically changed the world and may actually be growing in force like a wildfire rather than diminishing like fallout. Things out there are weird and getting weirder. Unless someone – vampires, bikers, brujas or some honest-to-god heroes – can close the rifts, there might be an actual apocalypse to deal with. Like, “the end of time and space” kind of apocalypse.

And that brings us to today: humanity has banded together in the United Wastes to try and take back their land. The vampires have double-crossed all their allies and wracked the world in a way that they did not intend, and yet remain the most powerful beings on Earth. The werewolves are pissed, and there are more witches, mages, seers and crystal-gazers than ever before. A thousand horrors and oddities wander the landscape of the once-great Nation.

The Fall

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